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PEONY SHOP HOLLAND, Superb Quality Roots


Peony Shop Holland.

Peony Shop Holland - Worldwide Delivery

Peony Shop Holland is a Dutch Peony Nursery with over 350 Peony varieties growing on high organic clay soils. In addition we make Worldwide Delivery of Peony Bare-Roots. We at Peony Shop Holland try to distinguish ourselves in size and quality supplying you only with the best of the best King Size Peonies giving you simply the best value for money.

King Size Peonies Of course you want to enjoy your Peonies as soon as possible so size does matter. Exclusive Assortment. First of all, our peony nursery is specialized in growing and multiplying exclusive, high quality peony roots and flowers. The company is currently run by the Scholten brothers – Jeremy and Joshua. They carry on with the legacy left by their father Theo Scholten, a true family business. ItΒ consequently takes pride in personal service and with more than 30 year experience Worldwide Delivery. The peony flowers are most of all sold in the Netherland.

Peony Shop – Worldwide Delivery.

The company exports the roots all over the world, mostly to wholesale peony buyers. Peony Shop Holland delivers King Size Peonies freshly harvested from its Peony Nursery for world-wide delivery. Hence, Most Peonies we ship as bare roots in October. We also ship potted Peonies on request in spring. In spring a small part of our assortment of peony flowers Peony Shop brings to the market at Flora Holland. And so our best peonies, we sell all over the world!! Superb Quality Roots.

Why come to the peony nursery Peony Shop? The answer is that we have the biggest treasure chest of Exclusive Peonies in Europe. We ensure that at Peony Shop, you or your customer will always find something special for their garden. It is true what they say, β€œall the rare diamonds of the peony world you find here at affordable prices”.

So, welcome to Peony Shop Holland – Worldwide Delivery.

Peony Shop Holland presents a great Peony Show in Moscow with 2 weeks long over 150 Peony varieties!

Posted by Peony Shop Holland on Thursday, 9 June 2016

Peony Shop delivers King Size Peonies freshly harvested from its Peony Nursery for world-wide delivery. We ship Peonies through Copex which has a rich history for shipping agriculture products. FedEx ships smaller orders or by Post.