Advertising. In the garden business directory EUgardens. EU can participate companies and private persons, carrying out activities related to gardening.
Company registration is PAYABLE. See bellow the different tariffs. All registered companies can also participate in the PRODUCTS catalogue..

How to register your firm in

1/ Fulfill the COMPANY LISTING form with your company data. The logo and the pictures, we can do for your, if you do not have the time.
2/ Or you can send a email ( with your website and/or your facebook page or other social network. Also you ca n attach some pictures or videos. You can aso send some product info. One product is free of charge.

Company listing

period of time price VIP listing price
1 year 100 EUR 300 EUR
2 years 175 EUR 500 EUR

Participation in Product catalogue

1 year price VIP reg. price
1 product 40 EUR 70 EUR
every next product 30 EUR 50 EUR


Period of time       Small banner             Big Top banner         Small banner /right         Top right

.                            150 px – 70 px            600px – 84px              150px – 70 px             350 – 84 px
.                            /left down/                    /top middle/                  /right /                         /top right/

6 months                  250 EUR                   1400 EUR                  500 EUR                    800 EUR

12 months               400 EUR                    2300 EUR                 800 EUR                     1300 EUR

PayPal online payment.

To publish info about a TRADE FAIR in section ‘Fairs‘- 100 EUR  for one year ahead. The most recent 7 fairs are all the time on the home page.

Top offer, PR article, advertising article. The advertisement text, photoes, videos , you send to us.

Appear on the home page, below “welcome to EUgardens.EU”  in News
period of time price
1 month 500 EUR
1 year 1800 EUR

For more information about Advertising:
tel.:  +359 899 922 921,    е-mail.

PayPal online payment.