Peony Bartzella ~ Itoh Hybrid


Peony Bartzella or ‘Paeonia Bartzella’ is a Midseason Itoh Hybrid Peony. They are lovely yellow Peonies, full double ball, yellow with red flares, lovely lemon fragrance, Peony Bartzella is a strong grower, many yellow Peony flowers, an eye catcher in the garden! American Peony Society Gold Medal 2006 plus APS Grand Champion National Exhibitions 2002 and Award of Landscape Merit 2009, (Roger F. Anderson, USA 1986).

Peony Bartzella
Bare root size: 3/5 eye
Weight: 300 gram
Quantity per standard box: 12

Perennial Box Size (standard) = 24″ x 16″ x 9″ or, 60cm x 40cm x 23cm

Sold out! Available in 2018

Peony Bartzella (Paeonia ‘Bartzella’) is one of the Yellow Itoh Peonies. They are being grown at the Dutch Peony Nursery of Peony Shop Holland. Intersectional Peony Hybrids, also known as Itoh Peonies, named in honor of Toichi Itoh, the originator of these unique hybrid peonies. They are representative of the progeny of crossing or hybridizing the two main groups or selections of peonies. The herbaceous hybrids which die down sub surface buds during their dormant season and the tree or woody shrub peonies which retain a year round woody branch structure above ground level.

Peony Bartzella, dormant season

During their dormant season, the Itoh or Intersectional hybrids retain only extremely short (1″-2″) woody stems above ground level. Ornamentally, they achieve the best of both parental worlds with the handsome flowers and foliage of the woody tree peonies displayed on an herbaceous plant, with annual new growth originating from buds below ground level. Strong healthy plants form attractive dense, neat rounded bushes which are shorter in stature than most tree peonies. Flowers are displayed above the handsome foliage that remains greener longer than their herbaceous parents. Intersectional hybrids are somewhat hardier than tree peonies and more tolerant of heat and humidity which extends their ornamental potential in both the North and south.