Nursery and horticultural pots – DonKwiat, Poland


Nursery and horticultural pots – DonKwiat, Poland

Poland’s Don-Kwiat is a manufacturer of plastic pots for nurseries and garden centers. Tel .: +48 603 759 407. We work at …

We know that your job depends on the whims of time, and that business is unpredictable. So our goal is to exceed your expectations and bring to the market innovative products. Such products that will support you in your work. Ease of use and stimulation of plant growth are our priorities.

Plastic nursery pots for nurseries and garden centers, DonKwiat, Poland – The best combination of PRICE and QUALITY.

ZPTS Don-Kwiat from Poland is a manufacturer of plastic pots for nurseries and garden centers. We have been operating in the Polish market since 1977. To meet the growing needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of production pots used for garden and seedling production. Accordingly, all our pots are adapted to mechanized planting. In addition, ZPTS Don-Kwiat manufactures all of its products from high quality materials. As a matter of fact, the materials we use are resistant to any adverse climatic conditions.

All these years our company has been exporting pots to many European countries. As a result, our products are popular both in Poland and in foreign markets. In addition, we guarantee good prices and fast realization of your orders. ZPTS Don-Kwiat expects cooperation with new partners on the Balcan and especially in Bulgaria and Greece. In fact, wholesalers and manufacturers from all over the world are welcome!

Plastic Nursery and horticultural pots – DonKwiat, Poland.

Our offer includes: Square pots; Square pots (tall); Square pots; Round pots (low); Round pots (standard); Tall round pots; Tall round flowerpots (intended for the production of flowers and shrubs with a high root system, for example: roses, willows, clematis, vines); Buy; The bowls are suitable for the production of chrysanthemums and other flowers. Please browse our catalog.

in order to meet the new provisions of the EU Directive concerning the obligation to label plants. We are introducing pots with places for labels and barcode stickers.

So welcome to DonKwiat, producer of nursery and horticultural pots.

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