Organic fertilizers FERTIPLUS


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Organic fertilizers FERTIPLUS

Fertiplus® is a popular 100% organic fertilizer pellet, ecologic and hygienic. We pack Fertiplus® under different brand names such as Activit, Doferm, Galorga and Topfert. The organic material in this excellent, natural plant fertilizer contains mostly humic acid structures. Because humic acids benefit soils in facilitating its nutrient availability, Furthermore they release gradually the minerals present in the ground. And therefore, minerals become more available for absorption by the roots of plants. Fertiplus® correct application prevents symptoms of deficiency in the crops during the growing season.

The excellent shape of the pellets means that Organic Fertilizers of Ferm O Feed can be very well distributed with the aid of a fertilizer spreader. Other alternative way of spreading is by hand or with the use of a sewing machine. Spreading the fertilizers will optimize the incorporation into the soil.

Organic fertilizers FERTIPLUS.