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Ferm O Feed – organic fertilizers.

Ferm O Feed - organic fertilizers

Ferm O Feed is a professional producer of high quality organic fertilizers. To point out, Ferm O Feed produces and distributes Organic Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizers, Organic-Mineral Fertilizers, Potting Soil and Substrates. ISO 9002 & 14001 certified production takes place in The Netherlands. And about 95% we export all over the world. Ferm O Feedย  aims to serve its customers and the environment by providing safe, effective and sustainable Organic Fertilizers.

Our two key brands, FERTIPLUSยฎ and ACTIVIT, are suitable for agricultural, horticultural and hobby market. However a large product assortment, we produce in order to fulfil the needs of each customer.

The applications of the product may vary from country to country. For example, there is a high demand for Activit from organic farmers in the Netherlands. In order to keep the crops supplied with nutrients. While in areas around the Mediterranean sea, the products are primarily used to maintain the level of organic substances in the soil. The Ferm-O-Feedย B.V. products are used for a wide variety of crops. From tomatoes to pears and from apples to flowers.

Our fertilizers are also extremely suitable for the hobby sector. Besides this, the fertilizers are popular in fish hatcheries to stimulate the growth of algae. Which means that it serves as food for the fish. The correct pellet size makes Fertiplus ideal for use with a fertilizer spreader or drill fertilizer. Fertiplus you can also apply manually. You are very welcome to contact us for more information, naturally…

Ferm O Feed – organic fertilizers.