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PRO DESIGN GROUP self-watering planters


PRO DESIGN GROUP, production of self-watering planters.

PRO DESIGN GROUP self-watering planters

PRO DESIGN GROUP CO is the largest manufacturer of plastic containers in Taiwan. Also, we supply all type of pails and jars and also the self-watering planters for indoor gardening.

Pro-Design Co., Ltd provides plastic containers of superior quality with reasonable prices. in addition, we keep innovating our products in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Pro-Design Group strives for perpetual improvements in quality. Our R&D department continues to push the design limits of our plastic containers and as a result to make our products more user- and environmentally-friendly.

User-friendliness. We design our containers for effortless opening and resealing, hence extending product life. In addition, our containers are designed to be robust in storage, stacking, and as a result in shipping. And we develope greater impact-resistance and durability. Consequently we pay attention on leak-proof body and seals, and material-saving structural designs.

Environmental-friendliness. Pro-Design Group offers competitive prices without sacrificing any functionality or quality.

PRO DESIGN GROUP, production of  self-watering planters.