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Organic earthworm fertilizers


Organic earthworm fertilizers.

Organic earthworm fertilizers Latvia

Earthworms (Eisenia Foetida) produces fertilizers, that are natural and contain high levels of humus and organic substances. Consequently, the Liquid fertilizers are apropriate for use in greenhouses, on the field, in gardens and also in the hydroponic gardening. The company annually performs efficiency VERMIEXTRACT tests of plants. So you can apply our Fertilizers on a variety of plants – vegetables, cereals, ornamental plants, flowers, fruit trees and bushes. The trade marks of all our products are either BLACK GOLD VERITA or WORM FARM. We are glad to have good fertilizer for happy and healthy plants!

Also “Verners un draugi” LtdΒ  produces VERMICOMPOST by using the red Californian earth worms. The red worms are fed with cattle manure which comes from biological farms.Β VERMICOMPOST may be purchased right at the manufacturing plant or delivered to the customer for an additional fee. Packaging types include 1000L, 50L, and 5L. After you request we can send a sample to your home address (5L package).

Organic earthworm fertilizers for universal use.