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LAFUMA MOBILIER – outdoor furniture.

LAFUMA MOBILIER - outdoor furniture France
Our outdoor furniture serving your comfort. French outdoor furniture manufacturer since 1954.

THE 1950’S
Specialising in camping furniture, Lafuma Mobilier is a true symbol of French knowledge and experience. The brand created the first metal-framed back pack, combining steel tubing and fabrics. In 1954, in the euphoria of the Glorious Thirty (or so-called Golden Age of Capitalism), this know-how inspired us to offer our first range of light, transportable outdoor furniture. Going with French families on holiday, offering clever, comfortable solutions. Furthermore, solutions, which fitted right into the car boot: “Lafuma Mobilier was part of this joy!

This could have been a slogan reflecting society’s culture back then, optimistic and smiling. It would be the name of a product, symbolic of our brand and of our knowledge which would endure over time. Namely – simple, light, and above all very comfortable: the Relax armchair. Possibly part of the first lunar voyage inspired its unbelievable 127° position, the natural position of the body when weightless. It was definitely the explosion in research and health-consciousness in “leisure” furniture: a true revolution.

We are committed to the “right to relaxation” in a world which moves ever faster. Comfort to combat stress has become a real struggle for our times! And also we act and fight for environmentally friendly and sustainable consumption. Made In France – it is therefore our guarantee of making quality. So our durable and practical products will bring you amazing comfort, wherever you want to be!

LAFUMA MOBILIER – outdoor furniture serving your comfort