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KANKARIA GROUP jute felt garden products


Jute Felt garden products Manufacturer.


Jute Felt garden products Manufacturer

The Kankaria Group is one of the pioneers in the Jute Industry today. So, with its jute units producing about a hundred qualities of fabrics and yarns. The jute mills of the Group produce some of the world’s best jute products, which are passed through the most stringent of quality tests. At each stage of the manufacturing process, we conduct tests, by an in-house, dedicated quality control department at each plant.

Seems like that the history of Jute manufacturing disappears in the narrow passage of time. The cultivation of the plant jute (Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius) started most probably around 800 B.C. In these environmentally conscious times, jute contributes lasting solutions to the universal problem of pollution. It is environment friendly as its contents are cellulose and lignin, which are biodegradable. Furthermore, like most synthetic products, it does not generate toxic gases when burnt. The jute fibre is available in inexhaustible quantities and at comparatively low prices. Also it has the potential to replace several expensive fibres and scarce forest resources.

Jute Felt garden products Manufacturer.

You can find the Kankaria Group’s Non woven Factory at Belur, West Bengal, India. It has separate machine line set up exclusively for Synthetic (100%), Jute(100%) and mixed Synthetic- Jute.Β  Most noteworthy, some of the Jute Felt garden products include : GARDEN TWINE – we offer a wide range of natural colour as well as dyed twines. The twine is available in different packages like coreless spools of different traverses; balls, large cones and straight centre spools. Weight of the twine products ranges from 50 gm. to 12 kg. These may be stretch wrap, carton, pallet or truss packed, to suit customer’s requirements.

JUTE SOIL SAVER – we design it, using premium quality jute fibers. And we use also, the latest machines under the guidance of professionals. So, the demand of this product is big in areas where high wind and rainfall is a problem. This Jute Soil Saver is used fro re-vegetation and soil-stabilization purpose.
Features: Eco friendly, Easy to spread on land, Biodegradable.

Jute Felt garden products ManufacturerΒ in West Bengal, India.