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Jora Composters – the Company behind the Composter.

Jora Composters United states

In 1991, Two years after Jonathan Ramious invented his composter, Jora the company started to be active. The name came from combining letters from the inventor’s first and last name. Since then we sell thousands of Jora Composters worldwide. The Jora Company continued to innovate and develop composters and created the now famous JK 5100 model. This is an automatic composter that holds 5100 liters. With the power to convert large amounts of kitchen waste into usable compost in just a few weeks. Still available only in Europe, we are working to bring this great machine to North America.

​Jora Composter in the gardenJora Composters have been selling throughout the United States since 2007. Jora takes pride in now being able to provide Americans with the opportunity to compost using the best equipment available in the world. Benefits of our composters.
Unique insulation allows the heat inside to rise above 160 degrees.
Composter has two chambers, each with their own lid.
Volume of up to 106 gallons and capacity up to 21 gallons a week
Attractive design, easy to fill and empty and reduce odors.
Ability to compost wide range of compostable materials
Made from galvanized steel to be more durable and longer lasting.
Allows air into mixture, providing the necessary oxygen for a successful outcome.
Designed and constructed for ease and simplicity of rotation.

We build the Jora Compost Tumbler with galvanized steel panels, which are powder coated to last for years. The stand is also made of galvanized steel and the insulation is made from polyethylene plastic, so all the parts are made to last for many years of use.

So, be welcome to Jora Composters – the best and most effective composting equipment.