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GEDIFLORA – ball-shaped chrysanthemums.

GEDIFLORA - ball-shaped chrysanthemums

Gediflora is a global player when it comes to the breeding and propagation of ball-shaped chrysanthemums.
We deliver cuttings from Brazil and Africa to cultivators worldwide. Our wide range of exclusive breeds and families is popular under the brand name β€˜Belgian Mumsβ€˜.
β€˜Mum’, the abbreviation of β€˜chrysanthemum’ is an international name. It is recognised for the rich flowering, typically Belgian pot chrysanthemum. Furthermore, β€˜mum’ also refers to the Belgian parent company with headquarters in Oostnieuwkerke. It is the central hub of the business and its main distribution point.

Breeding. We market the Gediflora range of products under the trade name Belgian Mums. Some of the specific features of Belgian Mums are: unique genetics, uniform flowering. As well as nice round shape, exceptional plant quality, plant flexibility and highly resistant to disease.

Gediflora – Flight Over Field In August

August finally brought the summer to Belgium and it's hot indeed. So early in the morning, it's perfect to show you how much the pots of Belgian Mums have been growing and give you an idea of how many plants are growing here at the moment… Filmed in 4K although Facebook can't handle that format apparently… but make sure you turn on the HD if you want to count the plants ;)#belgianmums #horticulture #drone #phantom #gopro #summer

Posted by Gediflora on Friday, 26 August 2016

Cuttings & Motherplants. Gediflora supplies both rooted and unrooted chrysanthemum cuttings to growers all over the world. For the propagation of varieties Gediflora works together with partner companies in Brazil and Africa. These companies specialise in breeding mother plants and picking the cuttings.

Belgian mums.The name Mum is an abbreviation of the English word β€˜chrysanthemum’. And the addition of β€˜Belgian’ refers to the Belgian roots of the parent company Gediflora. The Belgian MUMS brand is a golden combination of unique genetics, rigorous selection and daring creativity.

So, welcome to GEDIFLORA – ball-shaped chrysanthemums.