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Outdoor furniture – Ekju Company Ltd.

Outdoor furniture - Ekju Company

Company EKJU from Latvia, North Europe is a reliable partner. We have 20-year experience of outdoor furniture production and 15-year export experience.

As a matter of fact, today we have more than a hundred types of different products in stock. Furthermore, we distribute our garden furniture to the largest retail networks in England, Denmark, France, Sweden, Ireland, Germany and Spain. Company EKJU makes its garden furniture from solid wood /28-42 mm/, conifer trees grown in Latvia. And all the products have FSC certificate. We offer not only impregnated but also primed and ready painted products.

EKJU ltd. is one of the largest Latvian garden furniture manufacturers. The company employs more than 200 employees.

Small space furniture holds a special place in our product range. This allows to bring the piece of nature in the small areas and use them as practical as possible. If you have a small or narrow space, then we have the perfect product range for you. Range which allows you to bring a small piece of nature to your balcony or small area.

Our furniture and exterior design items are oriented towards family. So, we offer simple, classic shapes, a well-considered and tasteful colour combination, functional design, comfortable and rational solutions. We are aware of these wishes and definitely have something to offer you!

Outdoor furniture - Ekju Company Latvia

Outdoor furniture – Ekju Company Ltd.

Gradually our wood furniture will become a part of your life. Every year, when the snow melts, people bring out tables and chairs out into the spring sun, so that they can reliably serve both children and adults up to late autumn.

Everything that we take from the nature, we must return. So, we at “Ekju” strongly believe in this too. Therefore we ensure that forests are restored from year to year by replanting thousands of young trees. So that many decades later families can still gather around tables made of real wood!