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DONKWIAT Grzegorz Smolecki


Plastic nursery pots –Β DONKWIAT Grzegorz Smolecki

Plastic nursery pots - DonKwiat, Poland

CompanyΒ DONKWIAT Grzegorz Smolecki from Poland is a producer of plastic nursery pots. We have been running our business on the Polish market since 1977. In order to satisfy the growing needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of production pots used for garden and nursery production. Accordingly, all our pots are adjusted to mechanized planting. In addition, ZPTS Don-Kwiat produces all its products from high quality materials. As a matter of fact, materials, which are resistant to adverse weather conditions.

During all these years, our company exports pots to many European countries. And as a result, our products are popular both in Poland and on foreign markets. Furthermore, we guarantee good prices and quick realization of your orders. Company ZPTS Don-Kwiat is looking forward for cooperation with new partners. As a matter of fact, wholesalers and producers from allover the world are welcome!

Plastic nursery pots – DonKwiat.

Our offer includes: Square pots; Square pots (high); Square-round pots; Round pots (low); Round pots (standard); Tall round pots; Tall round pots for roses (designed for flowers and bushes production of a high root system, e.g.: roses, willows, clematis, grapevines); Bowls; The bowls are appropriate for the production of chrysanthemum and flowers. Please have a look at our catalogue.