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Demetria Garden (literate translation of the Hungarian name Demetria Kert) is a small, family-owned nursery. We have two decades of experience in the propagation and cultivation of rare and/or difficult to propagate ornamental plants. From tender succulents to conifers, from araucaria to yuccas. Currently our production is mainly focused on generative propagation activities (from seeds) with a predominance of winter hardy species. Yet to a lesser extent, we also propagate and grow half-hardy and tender plants. As a matter of fact we are constantly broadening our assortment, in line with the results of our propagation experiments. It is our mission to propagate plant species that can and should be used more frequently in light of the ongoing climate change and environmental challenges. So we are committed to providing plant material that is sustainable and beneficial in the long-term.

We provide wholesale and retail services in our garden centre following in-person discussion and advice (if needed, of course). Also we make postal delivery from our webshop (including international delivery as well). We are in possession of all licenses and certificates necessary for exportation within the European Union.

For nurseries aiming to broaden their assortment with plant species that can only or mainly be propagated by seeds. Also we can offer propagation material production (in 104 and 144 cell trays) on annual pre-order basis. The list of selected plant species for which we have elaborated a good cultivation practice comprises from conifers (e.g. Cedrus atlantica, Cedrus deodara, Pinus coulteri, Pinus engelmannii, Pinus gerardiana etc.) to deciduous plants (Acacias, Ziziphus, Spartium, Nyssa, Poncirus, Sarcococca, Psidium, Passiflora etc.) to even succulents (Dasilyrions, Agaves, Yuccas etc.).

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If you show interest in our full assortment and the cultivation/delivery conditions and details, please send us an e-mail and we will be providing a current comprehensive species listing and delivery options and details. Should you be interested in any other plant species not occurring in our species list, please let us know. And we will provide feedback on the propagation possibilities (available of seeds on the international market, specifics of germination according to the literature (complexity of the germination cycle, expectable or experienced germination rates, period necessary for the production of propagation size young plants etc.). You name your rare plant desire, we assess the opportunity and our capabilities.

Our retail prices (in Hungarian forints) can be found in our webshop. Our seasonal stock and price list for wholesale clients is available upon request. We speak English and French, so in case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope to welcome you and/or your company among our satisfied customers soon.