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Plastic containers – Bamaplast S.r.l.

Plastic containers – Bamaplast S.r.l.

The Italian company Bamaplast is a leader in the plastic containers production for floriculture and nursery application. Already for more than forty years we have been producing polyethylene and polypropylene pots. In order to help nurseries to growΒ  their plants and their flowers.

Furthermore, Bamaplast is in the heart of the European floriculture. So we meet the growing needs of the farmers and continuously create new models of pots. In addition, technologically advanced machineries are the power of Bamaplast. And as a result we build the molds of our POTS ourselves. Beeing always at the service of the Nursery, we also offer: A wide range of pots; Courtesy; Experience; Quality.

Established in 1970, Bamaplast l.l.c. is a family company. As a matter of fact it is a family-run female business managed by three sisters: Paola, Sandra and Roberta Mazzoncini. Actually, Bamaplast has been the first to produce a square pot, in order to replace the round containers. Thanks to our ability, we have enhanced the quality of this pot. Due to the particular internal veins and an innovative system called antispiralling, all kinds of plants can grow more healthy and much faster. To complete its innovative productline, Bamaplast has created a patented pot called EVO. Please have a look at our catalogue.

So, be welcome to Plastic containers – Bamaplast S.r.l.