Aronia Eggert

We are specialist nursery of black aronia (Aronia Melanocarpa Elliot), the producer of high quality ecological cuttings which can be used to start a commercial plantation or to grow in a home garden.

We recommend you our high quality chokeberry plants (Aronia Melanocarpa). Owing to over 40 years of experience in selecting Aronia and running a plantation we can offer you the best plants excellent for the trade production as well as for the allotment horticulture.

The chokeberry plants, which we produce, are 2-years old, with many sprouts and very strong root system. We can also offer you the 1-year old fine Aronia plants of height not less than 40cm. We guarantee that every plant from our selection will take root.

We provide our clients with free professional consultation concerning all matters connected with running a plantation.

Prices depend on the number and quality of demanded plants.

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