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Ampatzidis AD


Ampatzidis AD – Premium Quality Tools

Ampatzidis Quality Tools


The location of company AD AMPATZIDIS is in Thessaloniki, Greece. We manufacture and trade garden tools for more than 50 years. As a result we have great experience in high quality tools. During the yearsΒ  Ampatzidis ADΒ  has introduced many new innovative products for the garden.

Krumpholz toolsCompanyΒ AD AMPATZIDIS uses materials with the highest metal standards. So our products are very popular in Greece and in someforeign countries.

We dedicate a lot of energy to present properly our products. So specially designed display stands decorate the premises of our customers’ stores.

Also the company cooperates for more than 15 years of cooperation with the German company Krumpholz werkzeuge. We are their official authorized partner and we distribute theirΒ  products in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania.

AD AMPATZIDIS company offers a wide range of high-tech quality products at competitive prices for the end user.

So welcome to Ampatzidis AD – Premium Quality Tools.