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Gardening hand tools – Krumpholz-Werkzeuge. 100% Made in Germany.

Gardening hand tools Krumpholz-Werkzeuge

We are Family owned German producer of hand-forged gardening and forestry hand-tools. 100% Made in Germany.

Noteworthy,Β Krumpholz-Werkzeuge factory produces forestry and garden tools with character. Since 1799 we have quality tool tradition.

More than 220 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality tools are our greatest reference. So, this makes us one of the most traditional family-owned forging company in Europe. As a matter of fact this tradition has existed since 1799 and continues to this day. Our aim is to combine the highest level of made in Germany quality with a wide range of products.

We produce and distribute three main product groups: Garden tools, Forestry tools and Construction tools.

Krumpholz garden tools. Our range of tools for gardens and flower beds includes a variety of hand-forged spades, shovels, chopping tools, planting trowels and many other useful garden helpers.

Krumpholz Forestry tools. For the wood and forestry work we offer a wide selection of forged tools of unique quality, like axes, hatchets, riving wedges and sappies.

Krumpholz construction tools. The requirements of landscaping demand robust tools. Our hammers, iron tools and shovels are perfect for building new landscape features.

So, welcome to Gardening hand tools – Krumpholz-Werkzeug.