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Agritech Nursery Equipment

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Agritech is your business partner in gardening. We offer products for nursery, gardening and agriculture.

Agritech supplies nurseries and plant producers with a wide range of quality products. Products, that we select carefuly among the best Greek and international suppliers. Our assortment of specific products such as bamboo poles, wooden poles and propagating material ensures their constant availability and excellent quality at any time of the year.

Agritech Nursery Equipment


As a matter of fact Agritech was created by a team of experienced executives. We are experts in the field of nursery and propagation equipment marketing in Lagkada, Thessaloniki.
The qualified personnel of Agritech guarantees the immediate service and coverage of the needs of nurseries, garden centers, flower growers, vegetable growers and agricultural stores. Furthermore we have some of the most competitive prices.

We have also our own nursery. Kesidis Nurseries is one of the largest plant nurseries unit in northern Greece.

Agritech bamboo canesWe cooperate with reliable and quality suppliers both in the overseas and domestic markets. Due to the continuous updating and training on the new products, we provide our customers with new proposals and solutions. Solutions that make Agritech the right hand of the growers and producers throughout Greece. As well as in the wider Balkan region.

Professionals know that nurseries need a wide variety of supplies to increase and organize their production. Flowerpots, bamboo canes, burrs, shovels, trolleys, labels and labels, shading nets, fertilizers are just some of the species you find on Agritech. Agritech provides you with the supplies you need to keep your nursery well-equipped and running smoothly.

Please have a look at our Catalogue. So welcome to Agritech Nursery Equipment

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