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Acqua Garden from Acqua Systems Limited.

Acqua Garden tower

AcquaΒ Systems Ltd. is a modern garden products company. Our signature product is the Acqua Garden. This is an innovative, self-watering fully automated vertical growing system. The New Urban Kitchen Garden for Modern Lifestyles. You can visit our ounline shop.

Furthermore, the Acqua Garden is a prolific growing system which can grow up to 72 plants at once. Easy to set up and simple to maintain. In fact, it runs itself. No more weeding, digging or heavy work. So, this is combination of elegance and functionality.

As a matter of fact, the New Kitchen Garden incorporates a smart irrigation system. At timed intervals, water and nutrients are circulated through the system, cascading from the fountain head at the top, down through the tower, over repeated cycles.

With the products of Acqua Systems Limited, you can take full control over the produce you consume. No pesticides or agrochemicals. Just natural minerals and a wholly organic coconut coir growing medium.

We have designed our garden products to be accessible to all. Including those who find traditional gardening challenging. And we’ve made it easy for everyone. Simple, effortless and fun.

So, you can start 2020 as you mean to go on, and grow your own beautiful produce at home. Healthy, nutritious produce, of your choice.