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A-ZHAR Ltd. – natural herbal products

A-ZHAR natural herbal products

BILKA CHUDODEYKA is a trade mark behind which is the long-standing work of a group of enthusiastic professionals. People determined to revive the forgotten but still living, centuries-old Bulgarian traditions in the herbal treatment. BILKA CHUDODEYKA /Herbal Miracle/ is a herbal product brand of A-Jar Ltd.

The goal of our team is to continuously update and expand the range of natural products and articles. And at the same time, looking for the best possible formulas, solutions and combinations for the benefit of our customers. We believe in the idea of ​​natural and innate prophylaxis of the body,  And also that herbs aid the treatment of various diseases.

We consider that the everlasting beauty and health lies in the invaluable gifts of nature. All that, the nature generously provides us with. All we have to do is to appreciate them, to take advantage of them and to thankto God and to them for their generosity.

So, welcome to A-ZHAR Ltd. – natural herbal products.