Must see, the Gardens of Appeltern in Netherlands


The Gardens of Appeltern.

The Gardens of Appeltern is Holland’s biggest park for gardening ideas. With over 200 different model gardens, this is the place to keep up with the latest gardening trends and developments. One annual event is the Appeltern Gardenfestival. The Gardens of Appeltern are in the area between the Meuse and Waal rivers in the village of Appeltern. The closest towns are Tiel, Nijmegen and Oss. You can access the park most easily by car.

walking in the Gardens of AppelternThis garden information park has been laid out in a way that will give you inspiration with your own garden. A walk through the 23-hectare park is an experience for all your senses. Flowering borders, the most recent garden materials, accessoiries, plants and furniture provide endless inspiration. Come to the garden to find the latest gardening trends and something new every day.

The park has been created 35 years ago and they’ve started only with a few show gardens. Through the years the place has developed into the ultimate inspirational garden exhibition. But still most people would consider that it is suitable for professional gardeners or garden designers. It could have been so, when they’ve started with the project. But today the Gardens of Appeltern are the perfect destination for a day trip in the Netherlands, wherever you are staying.

The sculpture Protest Tree. ProtestboomThe Gardens of Appeltern, highlights.

Nice highlights during your walk through the park are the Appeltern Whisper Tour, The Wilde Weelde Wereld section, Blue section of the Gardens, etc. When walking in the Gardens of Appeltern you can’t miss this tree made from rusty metal with buckets and pots and garden scissors hanging from the branches. It was ‘planted’ there for the 25th anniversary of the Gardens. As a protest against acquiring too many objects in our gardens but forgetting the nature and that it’s all about flowers and plants. The sculpture Protest Tree (Protestboom) is a work of the Dutch artist Peter Sprengers.

The quiet, the space and the nature ensure a great day out. You will return home full of ideas and hopefully able to take even more pleasure from your garden. But there is a lot more to do and experience beyond the vast world of plants and inspirational show gardens: from nature play to afternoon tea, from plant shopping to flower arranging, from discovery to practical application.

So, you are always welcome to the Gardens of Appeltern.

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