Ein Gedi Garden – a love story between Man and Earth


Ein Gedi Garden – a love story between Man and Earth.

Ein-Gedi Garden is a green paradise, an oasis and a nature reserve in Israel. It is located just above the Dead Sea. The name Ein Gedi comes from two Hebrew words: ein means spring and gedi means goat-kid. Thus Ein Gedi means “fountain of the kid” or “kid spring”. Kibbutz Ein Gedi, founded in 1956, is about a kilometer from the oasis. Also, the kibbutz is a home to the Ein Gedi Gardens. It functions both as a zoo and an environmental education center.

In 1994 the landscape grounds of the Kibbutz were officially recognized as an International Botanical Garden. Te area of the botanical garden is about 25 acre. And Ein Gedi Garden houses over 900 plant species from all around the world. As a matter of fact, the whole area has some unique plants, that are extremely rare with biblical history behind each one. Because of the high density of Oxygen, all plants, shrubs and trees grow at a very fast rate. In addition, there are fantastic rock pools and waterfalls at every turn.

Ein Gedi Garden, a green paradise in the desert.

In fact, there are several prominent varieties of flora in Ein Gedi, including:
* Ornamental date palms – approximately 30 species.
* Very wide range of desert plants from all over the world.
* Tropical flora from various rain forest regions, it grows with no exceptional cultivation techniques.
* Some local species, such as the Sodom Apple,Tamarisk and Moringa.
* Large number of unusual trees from various tropical regions throughout the world.
* Some species referring to an ancient Jewish texts (such as the Myrrh and the Frankincense), which were then associated with Ein Gedi.
* And last but not least, the Cactus Garden – a place to visit at the end of the tour through the Botanical Garden. It includes more than 1000 species and serves as a source for the several small cactus gardens throughout the Kibbutz.

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