Beautiful climbing plants – Tecoma radicans


Beautiful climbing plants – Tecoma radicans. Campsis radicans also known as tecoma radicans, trumpet vine or trumpet creeper is a species of flowering plant of the family Bignoniaceae, native to the eastern United States and naturalized in parts of Europe. Grows up to 10 m and it is a vigorous, deciduous woody vine, notable for its showy trumpet-shaped flowers. It inhabits woodlands and riverbanks, and is also a popular garden subject.

Most of the garden centres listed in EUgardens, 250 for now, sell Tecoma radicans.

Tekoma Campsis radicans is a very beautiful hardy bush that winds up walls, fences, houses. Grows in sunny places but can withstand even half-shade. This creeping swinging liana strikes with a generous flowering in August and September. The colors, bright orange and trumpet-shaped, are very beautiful and attractive. It is hardy to zone (UK) 4.

So, it is unpretentious for cultivation, but it is best to be sufficiently sunlit. It can also grow in the shade, but to bloom profusely it needs a strong sun. The most beautiful are the funnel-like colors in orange or red, which bloom in the summer months – June and July. The tecoma radicans continues to bloom at times until September. Any pruning is best done in the spring. This climbing plant tolerates well the pruning and quickly spreads. Propagation – except through cuttings of almost ripe wood, 7 – 10cm long, July/August in a frame, propagation can also take place through seeds.

Beautiful climbing plants – Tecoma radicans.

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