Must see, Nong Nooch botanical garden in Thailand


Nong Nooch tropical garden is the largest botanical garden in South East Asia. This magnificent garden opened to the public in 1980. The park is in an area of around 600 acres. The original purpose was to grow local fruits.

In Nong Nooch botanical garden you will find a number of plant and flower species in a good looking environment.

Particular theme gardens. Some sections of Nong Nooch are set in a specific theme.

The 17th century Palace of Versailles inspired the large French garden of almost 4 acres .

The Animal Sculpture garden displays sculptures of animals as elephants, kangaroos, camels, lamas, leopards and deer.

 Nong Nooch garden Thailand

The Stonehenge garden is after a famous prehistoric monument in England named Stonehenge, a ring of large standing stones.

A few of the many other gardens are Bonsai garden, Desert Rose garden, Italian garden, Orchid garden. As well as Cycad valley and Bromeliad display garden.

In addition to examining the wildlife, the tourists canexperience religious ceremonies, martial arts demonstrations. As well as massages, and elephant shows.

There are also two restaurants, a small zoo and a hotel with a swimming pool and Thai style rental houses on the grounds.

So welcome to Nong Nooch botanical garden, close to Pattaya in Thailand.

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