Must see, the Balchik Garden & Palace in Bulgaria


Must see, the Balchik Garden & Palace in Bulgaria.

The Botanical Garden and Palace in Balchik, Bulgaria are definitely the “must see”. Located at 45 km North to Varna, the area deserves a stop. What more about?

Must see, the Balchik Garden & Palace in BulgariaIf there is indeed an historical place to visit on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, it is this one. The Balchik Botanical Garden complex is really nice and architectural. Impeccably maintained, this magnificent 10 hectares garden hosts a Palace. A palace completed in 1926 by King Ferdinand of Romania for his English wife, Queen Marie. At this time Balchik was part of Romania. The whole complex have been designed and thought to be autonomous with all the necessary equipments and buildings. It includes some residential villas, a winery, a power station, a monastery. As well as a holy spring, some bathes, the bridge of sighs, the tiny Chapel of Sveta Bogoroditsa (Saint Mary) and many other buildings.

Botanical Garden and Palace in Balchik

In addition, there were even a post office, and a small military detachment at this place. Behind the palace, are the extensive botanical gardens. Really impressive, the area offers over 3000 varieties of shrubs, cactus, roses and flowers. Aii of them set among streams, waterfalls, and ornamental channels. The “Sinyata Valna” (Blue Wave) garden is just an enormous and amazing place.

Cactus Garden in BalchikFurthermore it is full of multicolor beautiful fragrant roses, but also tulips, jasmine, narcissi, clematis, iris…. Kind Ferdinand I and Queen Marie had a strong passion for plants and flowers. And together they shared the delight. Breathe the air, it smells so good. Most noteworthy, strolling there is really nice and very relaxing. So, take a few hours to really enjoy the garden and its view on sea. Some restaurants welcome you for the lunch.

So, you are welcome to The Balchik Garden & Palace, on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

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