4 balcony flowers, beautiful and refreshing


Balcony flowers, beautiful and refreshing.

Flowers bring life to every space, every corner, whereever their location is. So, If you do not have a yard or garden where you can show your favorite flowers, you can do it in a pot on the terrace. As a result, freshness and life will come to your balcony with the variety of balcony flowers. Rich in their colors and shades, they will turn the terrace into a favorite spot in the summer. Here are some of the most suitable balcony flowers:

Cascading petunia / Petunia
The cascading petunia blooms with tiny colors tinted with purple, white, blue or pink. Consequently, the flowering period is between May and October. The petunia likes direct sunlight or partial shade places, with plenty of watering. Sandy and loose soil is perfect. Propagation by seeds, and the height of the plant is up to 20 cm.

Balcony flowers, beautiful and refreshing.

Impatiens / Jewelweed
The colors of this balcony flower are white, pink to red. So, It is good to be located in the shady places on the balcony. Furthermore, Impatiens likes the dampness and plenty of watering. Keep the soil loose and damp. Blooms from May to October, propagation by seeds. Reaches dimensions up to 15 cm.

Vervain / Verbena
Decorative plant that blooms on tufts all summer from May to late October. Unprivileged to care plant. Eventually, Can place them in pots on the terrace, or in rock gardens. It reaches a height of 15 cm, blooming in purple, white, red, light blue. Likes direct sunshine, or semi-shady places. It is good to be watered regularly.

A small and compact flower growing in big tufts. Colors, blue, dark blue, lilac, reaching up to 10 cm in size. It blooms continuously throughout the summer. Equally important, likes shady places or half-shade. With regular watering you will enjoy a very beautiful and tender flower. It is planted with seeds – a one-year-old flower.

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