Professional substrates and qualitative earth


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Professional substrates and qualitative earth.

Decisive for the success of the harvest is above all a qualitative earth. Our range of high-grade substrates satisfies every customer’s needs. However, the requirements and technical circumstances of numerous crops are frequently just as special and unique as the great variety in the horticultural industry. For this reason Floragard offers mutual cooperation with our substrate field experts and the Technical Department of Horticulture.

Professional substrates and qualitative earth.

The purpose is to work on crops, growing methods, technical equipment and climatic conditions of the horticultural business. And as a result, to develop individually tailored special substrates. Our purpose is to determine the optimal recipe for your substrates with regard to the composition. Having in mind also the structure, fertilization and pH-value. In a different ways we extract and process peat qualities. So we utilize many different organic and mineral constituents. As well we use a variety of coir materials and different forms of clay.