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Wydawnictwo Plantpress Sp. z o.o.

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Plantpress is a Polish company with over 30 years of experience in the agricultural media market. We are one of the national leaders in substantive and information support for farmers, gardeners and the broadly understood agricultural sector. We publish not only books and specialist magazines, but also run industry portals. Our portals are popular among gardeners and farmers, supported by social media. Our portals include: Ogrodinfo.pl, Sad24.pl, Warzywa.pl and Wrp.pl.

Also we organize webinars, training and practical workshops for various agricultural sectors. We are supported in the creation of our publications by a professional editorial team. In fact we also cooperate with scientists and advisors from both the public and private sectors. And we are present at all the largest trade fairs and industry meetings, both in Poland and abroad . More often as a co-organizer and media patron. We also publish an international magazine: EFM which is published in German, English and Dutch.

Wydawnictwo Plantpress Sp. z o.o. publishes: Szklarnie Tunele OsΕ‚ony, HasΕ‚o Ogrodnicze, SzkΓ³Ε‚karstwo, MiesiΔ™cznik Praktycznego Sadownictwa – Sad, Warzywa, Informator Sadowniczy. As well as: EFM – European Fruit Magazine, Truskawka, Malina, Jagody, CzereΕ›nia, WiadomoΕ›ci Rolnicze Polska.