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Garden center – Viveros del Valle.

Garden center - Viveros del Valle

Viveros del Valle is one of the biggest garden centers on the Costa del Solhas. We deliver also landscaping services.

Gardening and plants. Plants and trees of different species that will surely amaze you. We are specialists in landscaping. Garden center - Viveros del Valle SpainViveros del Valle has a team of highly qualified professionals with more than 40 years of experience

Garden Center. Accessories for gardening. Interior and exterior decoration. Ceramics and ornamental elements for the Garden. Children’s area and own parking.
Facilities. More than 60.000 square meters dedicated to nature. All types of plants. Located in the Costa del Sol, we are one of the largest garden center in the province of Malaga.
In our facilities you can find all kinds of plants, trees, substrates and an area to decorate your garden and outdoor areas with the latest trends
You will find among others: leafy plants, coniferous trees, large examples, aromatic plants, palm trees, fruit plants, climbing plants, indoor plants, seasonal flower plants, large trees.

Viveros del Valle reach all areas related to landscaping work, starting with the study and design of a project according to the needs of the client, until it’s totally done.
Viveros del Valle develop the designs of parks and gardens using the most advanced techniques with computer-aided in order to offer the client a perspective of what work can be done with the maximum reality to be able to have a total vision of the location of the areas landscaped.

So welcome to Garden center – Viveros del Valle.