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Vivai Massimo Bartolini


Vivai Massimo Bartolini

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Vivaio Massimo Bartolini was founded in 2015, but comes from a long tradition of nurserymen that began in the 60s with Osvaldo Bartolini, and then continued with Giancarlo.

Massimo. Hi combined the skills acquired with the agricultural diploma with an excellent knowledge of the supply chain. The nursery now has twenty hectares of land. And it enriches the traditional production with the cultivation of plants in the ground in the open field and cultivation in pots.

Some of our production comes in grafts of three, five or ten liter P9 containers.

We are environmentally conscious and have deep respect for our plants, letting them grow according to nature.

Our nursery is located at the foot of the Apennines. This protects the land from cold winds from the north and at the same time supplies it with plenty of water.

The soil is alluvial in nature, unique in its kind because it is sandy and clayey at the same time. In fact, it isΒ  ideal for the development of the root system of plants.
So come and visit Vivai Massimo Bartolini in Pistoia.

Our reference market is generally represented by garden centres, landscape architects, and nurseries both in Italy and abroad.