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Veca Garden Pots – quality plastic pots.

Veca Garden Pots

We design, produce and sell high-quality plastic pots since 1988. Our outdoor pots are famous all over Europe.

Veca is a constantly growing company. For more than30 years we have been producing and marketing high quality plastic products.

Our experience has allowed us to quickly adapt to changing market trends and become a point of reference in the garden sector. Both in Italy and in Europe. Today Veca produces competitive plastic pots in terms of quality and price. Noteworthy, they suitable for all needs.

The evolution is demonstrated by the numbers. Veca currently has six factories. They are on a total area of ​​25 thousand square meters. As a result we produce more than 26 million pieces every year and handle around 7,500 orders.

Veca Garden Pots EUgardens

The introduction of an innovative and flexible processing method such as rotational production, combined with the classic injection method, has allowed us to offer an increasingly wide range of models of garden pots distinguished by shape, color and size.

We approach each new project with the utmost care and dedication. Furthermore we stress on quality, reliability and operational flexibility. So, each our product represents who we are, the result of the fusion of our skills with our passions.

Coltivare le erbe aromatiche

Creare un bell’angoletto di erbe aromatiche in cucina Γ¨ molto comodo per rendere i piatti profumati e gustosi, ma puΓ² risultare anche molto decorativo! 🌱🌿🌱Scopri con noi come fare πŸ’š#VecaLovinGreen

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