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Garden products - Vashe Hozaistvo, FertilizersGarden products – Vashe Hozaistvo LLC.

Vashe Hozaistvo LLC is a Russian production company. We design and manufacture a wide range of products for private farms and gardens. As a result the main activities of the company are as follows. First of all, roduction of feed additives for livestock and poultry, products for domestic livestock. As well as production of mineral and organic mineral fertilizers for gardens and flower growing. And last but not least, insecticide and Fungicides Formulation to protect plants from pests, diseases and weeds on private farms and in suburban areas.

We have long time tradition and experience in the following products. Insecticides Production against pests, cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes, moths, ticks. Products against rats, mice and moles in the house. Production of agricultural components – feed additives, compound fertilizers.

Furthermore we are proud of the scientists and technologists of the company, Vashe Hozaistvo. Because, after several years of testing and development have created almost ideal fertilizers for feeding various plants. Namely, fertilizers of the “Zdraven” series. “Zdraven” responds to all the basic requirements for fertilizers of this species. “Zdraven turbo” is a quick fertilizer, which is ideal for proper feeding of your plants!

So welcome to Garden products – Vashe Hozaistvo LLC.