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Vannucci Piante


Vannucci Piante

Vannucci Piante

In 1938, Vannino Vannucci senior left his job as a trained horticultural worker to start his own business in Pistoia. In the following years he was joined by his son Moreno. Moreno’s vision of the company’s future led to decisions making it possible to reach this goal with great dedication and love for plants and horticulture. Vannino Vannucci Jr. is now successfully running the family business with the spirit of initiative that today’s global economy demands, placing his bets on an even greener future.

Moreno Vannucci was responsible for expanding and modernising the nurseries. He created a sales team to work with export customers, and put a huge focus on public relations. Also het attracted major customers and many personalities to the company and made Vannucci Piante known around the world.

Vannucci Piante in numbers:

  • 250 hectares grown in open ground – 310 hectares of container-grown plants – 52 hectares of indoor nurseries – 12 hectares of fruit trees nurseries
  • We work in 3 continents and we export to over 60 countries around the world
  • More than 900 900 partners ( including 300 employees )
  • Company founded in 1938 with more than 3000 plant varieties, 1 nursery park and 1 campus.

So welcome to Vannucci Piante.