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Telcom SpA


Telcom SpA

Telcom SpA

Italian Design Plastic products for Pottery, Furniture, Water Tanks and Waste Water Systems.

Some of our Products include:
* Plastic vases and planters for a touch of design to gardens and balconies.
Earthenware vases and complements. The taste of tradition.
* Furnishing accessories and light design of great aesthetic impact.
Kennels and accessories for pets utmost comfort.
* Tanks for drinking water and liquids storage. Waste and rain water treatment.
Multi-purpose trunks. Ideal for storage and transport in all circumstances.
* Containers for storage and conservation of oil and wine.
Multi-purpose wheelbarrow for loads, light, handy and resistant.

Telcom SpA is the international leader in the sector of thermoplastic material transformation. Since 1973, Telcom Spa stands out for the development of innovative products realized in thermoplastic material that contribute to improving life quality of those using them in different ways, by joining Italian design, solidity and functionality.

The key element of the company worldwide success is the capacity to renew constantly its products thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, to the ongoing training of its employees within the company and to a careful listening of the market.

To guarantee the best services and products to our customers, we carry out a business strategy of vertical integration of processes enhancing at best the skills and the know-how acquired over the years.

Each Telcom product is thus the result of high reliability and professionalism. Telcom designers conceive and project the extremely detailed product, and then authentic craftsmen create the model for the moulding in the workshop.

In fact each line and each particular product are handled with meticulous attention to reach a final result of impeccable quality.

So welcome to Telcom SpA