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TANKKD stock tanks


TANKKD stock tanks

TANKKD stock tanks

Around 2015, Americans began to use stock tanks as an alternative to blue plastic pools. We cannot blame them, of course, because it not only looks fresher in the garden, but also much more durable.

Our product categories include: Round Stock Tanks, Oval Stock Tanks, Packs, Tank accessoires, Tanks painted, Tankkd Rafting, Garden glory, Fatboy and Polytanks .

After years of creating and selling fashion items in markets and fairs, we have sought a new additional challenge to feed the creative in our minds.

At TANKKD stock tanks design and interior have fascinated us all our lives. After a long and interesting search, we fell in a rather accidental way, on a product that was completely unknown to us, but has become a trend in the US and Canada, namely stock tanks. After a lot of research we knew, this is our thing.

We have always strived to bring products that are affordable for everyone, including this time. TANKKD Stock Tanks have only advantages:

  • They are built to last, because they are made of galvanized steel so they can handle any weather condition
  • They do not take up much space and are easy to store: You can store them anywhere, from a small terrace to a large garden, a small bathroom, as a coffee table in the living room, anywhere you could wish.
  • Β They are easy to clean and are durable
  • Β They are photogenic and add style to your home: a TANKKD Stock Tank in your home or garden adds an extra β€œcool” factor to your home.
  • Β They are versatile: You can place them both outside and inside to create a WOW factor. You can paint, sticker, whatever you want

Fun fact: For every tank sold, we planted a tree somewhere on the planet via @onetreeplanted