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Ornamental trees – Tahi Faiskola Kft

Ornamental trees Tahi Faiskola

Our nursery styarted to be active in 1963, north of Budapest in Hungary. On an area of about 50 hectars, we are growing nearly 400 species. Tahi Faiskola specializes in deciduous trees, shrubs. As well as several times transplatned big size trees, conifers and soliter plants.

Ornamental trees TahiFurthermore all or products can resist extreme conditions. And what is most important we sell them at reasonable prices.

In fact we grow our ornamental trees, conifers and shrubs in containers, So, they can be planted the whole year around. As a result, we do hope that customers will show interest inΒ  our plants. You can make your choice from our catalogue.

So, we appreciate and thank you for our confidence and your purchases all these years. And we would like to welcome you again to Ornamental trees – Tahi Faiskola Kft.

We will be glad to see you among our customers in our plant nursery.