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Semenarna Ljubljana – Seed and Packing Company, Garden centre Kalia

Semenarna Ljubljana EUgardens

Semenarna Ljubljana is a seed company. We are organised according to the European standards that apply for seed companies. Furthermore we are constantly striving towards improving the quality of our products in our own retail sale, as well as in wholesale. The development of the company is based on its own products and services.

So the main goals of Semenarna Ljubljana:

Providing the top quality of seeds.
Establishing retail units.
Developing new products and trademarks.
Spreading our business to foreign markets.
Updating and increasing our own production.
Organising seed production for foreign partners.

We preserve indigenous Slovenian varieties, domesticated varieties and we develop new Slovenian varieties. In fact we take care of varieties that are typical for our climate and eating habits. From the basic seed we multiply commercial seed, which we sell in our bags under the trade marks Semenarna Ljubljana and Valentin.

Our company maintains seeds for over 70 different varieties and 26 different plant species. In fact there are 37 autochthonous Slovenian varieties.

With the successful seeding of domestic and foreign varieties, we have been building trust for our consumers for a good century. Due to its high quality offer for decades, we have attracted the interest of foreign seed consumers. As a result we are among the best seed companies in the region and beyond.

Already from 1906, Semenarna Ljubljana has been providing seed material (seeds, bulbs and plants for planting) necessary for the cultivation of agricultural and ornamental plants.

So welcome to our garden centre.