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Ornamental plants & roses – Rasadnik Topalovic.

Ornamental plants & roses – Rasadnik Topalovic

Rasadnik Topalovic is a family nursery. We produce ornamental plants and fruit trees. Our production territory is more than 22 hectares today. Roses, which this region is probably the most famous with, occupy an area of ​​about 10 hectares. And the same amount of space today is covered by our production of softwood and hardwood plants. And we also develope container production on two hectares. Only this year our nursery will produce around 300 000 seedlings of roses. And our intention is to reach the production of half a million seedlings next year. In addition, we grow about 30 000 fruit trees and aproximately 100 000 seedlings of conifers and ornamental shrubs in our nursery (rasadnik) annually.

We consider, that only continuous improvement of knowledge in this area is the way to achieve our vision. That is why we are constantly working on the improvement of knowledge, production results and the improvement of our services. Following the modern trends, we almost completely automated our production system. We made automatic irrigation to all the areas where we grow our plants. And first in Serbia in 2010 we introduced the FOG system.

Nursery Topalovic has a steady increase in production and sales in the last twenty years. We sell ornamental plants and fruit trees on the domestic market. But we also export Rasadnik Topalovic’s products to Italy, Poland, Russia, As well as to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and other countries in Europe.

In addition to the production of roses, fruit trees and ornamental plants, Rasadnik Topalovic is making landscape design and greening of public and private areas. And our dedication, professional attitude and creativity has been implemented by our experts at numerous locations in our country.

Ornamental plants & roses – Rasadnik Topalovic