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Rose nursery – Porta Nova

Rose nursery - Porta Nova

The Dutch company Porta Nova is the biggest grower of Red Naomi roses in the world. We deliver the absolute best quality. Porta Nova grows about 30 mln red Naomi roses and delivers floral happiness to more than 10 mln. people every year.

So, Porta Nova is a rose nursery that specializes in cultivation of top quality red roses. The company appeared as a result of a merger of three rose nurseries by the names of Aad Luijk, Leon Dukker and Nico van Vuuren. These three families have been working passionately on a truly Dutch product for many years already. And the base for Porta Nova was already laid 115 years ago when the families Luijk and Dukker first involved in horticulture during the 1800s.

At Porta Nova, we focus completely on quality. And as a result we strive to grow the best red roses in the world. Furthermore, This focus reflects in all aspects of our operations. Consequently, it leads to a continuous process of improvement, involving both our products and the organisation.

Since October 2013 we have β€œDe Climator” cooling and heating system available at both of our locations. And we invested in obtaining higher levels of light, which helped us to raise quality of our roses to the highest possible level.

Porta Nova has sustainable and socially responsible business practices. So, at our newest location we only use green energy. In addition, the pesticides we use are almost exclusively organic. We strive to obtain the lowest carbon footprint per rose.