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Bocage Tree Nurseries.

Bocage Tree Nurseries

So, welcome to the Bocage Tree Nursery. We are multiplier and producer of young plants. The French company Pepinieres du Bocage has been active since 1974.

Our nursery stretches in 7,5 ha and we employ 10 people. And our activity is young plants production from mother plants. Furthermore our goal is to develop new products, All this in order to answer the evolution of the market and our customers demands

As a matter of fact our pruduct range includes : Young ornamental trees and shrubs; Conifers; Mediterranean plants; Heathers; Small fruits; Climbers; Grass; Bamboo; Perennial

Also we provide a range of : Evergreen Magnolia; Hazels large fruit, from layering; Campsis grandiflora; Pinus mugo Pumilio; Abelia chinensis Selection; Acacia dealbata. As well as Acer palmatum ‘Butterfly’; Albizzia julibrissin Ombrella; Arundo donax Aureovariegata; AzalΓ©e japonaise Amonea. And last but not least: Bambou phyllostachys Aurea.

In addition we: restrict utilisation of phytosanitary product and protect ecosystem; Protect water ressources by decreasing treatment. And furthermore we increase the value of waste vegetable by composting.

So, you are always welcome to the Bocage Tree Nurseries in France.

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