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Shrub & tree nursery - Krajewscy PolandShrub & tree nursery – Krajewscy.

The nursery started in 2001 by Wieslaw Krajewski, M.Sc. Eng. and his wife Barbara. Their two sons, Wojciech and Aleksander, joined the family company after graduating from the university.
The nursery is on an area of 25 ha comprising plants in fields (15 ha) and container beds (2 ha) and it develops constantly. Located at the foot of the Bieszczady Mountains on a mountainous land in a river valley.Β  It is surrounded by woods naturally inhabited by species of fir, pine, spruce, larch and beech. The local microclimate enables us to grow and cultivate seedlings of the highest quality, both pot- and field-grown. The climate being harsh allows us to obtain plants of high frost resistance level.

In 2002 we established cooperation with the Foxwillo Pines, Woodstock, Illinois, which specializes in adult plant material. Particulary, in rare grafted varieties of both, conifers and broad leafs trees. Our mutual cooperation has lead to our membership of American Conifer Society. We also participated in the creation of the grafted varieties photo gallery. The Iseli Nursery, Oregon, remains one of our reliable business partners, which we share and exchange our experience with. Therefrom we aquire new plant varieties.

Our nursery currently offers a vast variety of plant material for further production, in-ground plants, grafted forms, trees ans shrubs. We maintain business contact with clients from all over Poland as well as Ukraine and Russia. Our company develops constantly by increasing production and broadening its offer to best fit the demanding clients’ needs.

Shrub & tree nursery – Krajewscy.