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Oazis Garden Centers


Oazis Garden Centers

Oazis Garden Centers

Oazis Garden Centers is the biggest Garden Center Group on the Hungarian floriculture market. We have garden centers in Ajka, Budakeszi, Budapest, Cegled, Csopak, Diosd, Hajdunanas, Jaszbereny, Keszthely, Mohacs, Monor, Nyiregyhaza, Szeged, ..

Mr. Istvan Boross founded Oazis Kerteszeti Kft. in 1992. The first business premises opened in Budapest, on Kobanyai street. This is still the company’s headquarters. Initially, the cmpany made ornamental plant decorations for exhibitions and events.

Nowadays the shopping in OazisΒ  is an adventure, with breathtaking offers and natural, green environment. As a result Oazis Group has become the East European region’s biggest plant trade company group.

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Since the foundation of Oazis we are working constantly for the shopping to be an experience. At us, you can shop with your family the easy way, the kids love to play around the plants. In our stores qualified staff is at your service and our free magazines, published 5 times a year are yours with loads of interesting information.

Furthermore, we take serious actions to constantly educate our workers. For almost every work field, we have developed a unique system, which goal is to increase efficiency.. The basis of our professional background is our rich library. So in it you will find all domestic gardening books and garden magazines.

The OΓ‘zis Group uses unique IT systems, which job is to register supplies and procedure. As well as to analyze efficiency the flow of information. We manage the delicate transport of indoor plants with our logistics. So we import: from the Netherlands and Denmark indoor plants, from Sicily mediterranean plants, from the north-east region of Italy, Pistoia, special evergreens and palm trees. Naturally, we like to favor domestic products. So all the seasonal balcony plants and the tree nursery products in containers are domestic.