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Nurseries – growing Laurus and Lagerstroemia since 1930

Nurseries Sierplant Laurus and Lagerstroemia


Ornamental plant nursery by Ingrid and Geert. Specialized in Laurus (Vlaamse Laurier-Flemish Bay tree) and Lagerstroemia. With internationally renowned collections.

Looking for unique plants of Laurus(Vlaamse Laurier-Flemish Bay tree) or Lagerstroemia… then take a look at the website A small nursery, specialists in Europe and the world for special variety’s off LaurusΒ (Vlaamse Laurier-Flemish Bay tree) and Lagerstroemia. We have the collections of Laurus and Lagerstroemia… so we can help you with plants that are cultivated in good conditions for colder regions.

Laurus and Lagerstroemia

From cutting to great plants so we have control off the cultivation off our plants.
Geert and Ingrid brings their love and plants to you.
Small, big or aromatique LaurusΒ (Vlaamse Laurier-Flemish Bay tree), just that what you are looking for, for your costumers.
Lagerstroemia cold hardy, for groundcover or big plants, early or late flowering we are the address.

So, feel free to contact us for more information.

Vlaamse laurier producent 1301 | Certified Craftsman | HIB Handmade Label in Belgium | MPS A+ 740077