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NIRP International

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NIRP International is a worldwide leading Company in the field of research, breeding, selection and marketing of new cut rose and garden rose varieties.

Our company was established in France in the 60ties. Since then Nirp has been able, over the years, to conquer a large market share thanks to a tradition made of professionalism and passion. Customers appreciate Nirp varieties for their agronomical, aesthetical and commercial performances. Our company is proud to have customers all over the world: Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

NIRP International S.A. Headquarters are in Europe, in the South of France. NIRP also has a base in Italy (Ventimiglia), on the Italian Riviera very close to the French border.
This site is dedicated to the breeding and selection, pre- commercial tests and production of propagating material.

Cut Roses

In Kenya, NIRP East Africa Ltd. runs a specific breeding program for the East African market, as well as show casing and budwood production.
In Ecuador, NIRP Ecuador C.Ltda takes care of selection, representation and marketing of Nirp varieties.
Also in Colombia, Nirp is very active with its Representative and a very interesting Test Area.
In Brasil as well, Nirp is active with its Representative and a showcase, located at Vale das Flores (Andradas, Minagerais).
NIRP has show cases and agents also in Ethiopia, Iran, China, Japan and South Korea.
Local establishments are very important to test, introduce and improve the right varieties for each specific climate conditions and markets.

Garden Roses

You will find NIRP selections centres in Italy, in France (Douè la Fontaine and Liffrè). Nirp has partners for testing its new garden rose varieties also in Germany, Holland and other european Countries.

So welcome to NIRP International.