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N.G. Niccolai – production of plastic pots and containers

Niccolai plastic pots

N.G. Niccolai was founded in the 70’s by Giancarlo Niccolai and is now run by his sons Francesco and Silvano.
Head-Office and factory are located in Pistoia (Tuscany, Italy), the most important city in Europe for production of plants, trees and flowers.
Nowadays N.G. Niccolai Srl is one of the leading companies on the international market in the production of plastic pots and containers for nurseries as well as the supply of nursery equipment and garden design items. Have a look at our catalogue.

N.G. Niccolai pots

As a leading producer and supplier in the field, we can guarantee high quality products which are resistant to very high and very low temperatures and that last in time. Most of our pots and containers are manufactured in fact with LDPE (Low-density polyethylene). In their production we use the most advanced technologies in plastic manufacturing.
The material specifications allow our products to have an extraordinary sturdiness, flexibility and desig. Thus we make them suitable for any type of environment and climate.

N.G. Niccolai warehouse

Our wide range of pots and containers can satisfy the needs of nurseries, garden centres and landscaping contractors and all the products come in different sizes and colours.
Together with our production of pots and containers we also supply nursery equipment and tools such as: marking and binding materials; items for support and protection such as bamboo canes, jute sheets and wire baskets ; covering materials and ground cover, As well as: irrigation equipment; agricultural tools and equipment; fertilisers, soil, and agricultural medicines.
Thanks to their certified quality our products are sold all over the world.