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MITAL Terrecotte


MITAL Terrecotte – Artistic Terracotta Manufacture.

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Antica Fornace Mariani – M.I.T.A.L.

Artistic Terracotta Manufactures. Ornaments and garden furniture. Rustic terracotta handmade. The terracottas of Impruneta are very different from other productions and types of terracotta. This is due both to the geological peculiarity of the soil and to the chemical composition of the clay. Galestro gives the finished product a high resistance to frost and a nice warm color. These are unique qualities that make Impruneta terracottas a product of high quality. So our products blend in well with any environment. During the Renaissance in Italy, many artists made use of Impruneta terracotta. Among them are Brunelleschi who used it to make the tiles for the roofing of the dome of the Florence Cathedral. It is in this tradition that the M.I.T.A.L. means Manifattura Imprunetana Terrecotte Artistiche.

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Family Mariani.
The significance of this ancient wor kwas developed in the early days of Impruneta and with the technique of β€œhigh quality burning”.
The godfather of this ”furnace familyβ€œ was Anselmo Mariani, using one single oven made of iron (in the beginning of 900).
Originally only building materials were created, but soon pieces of art made by hand followed. This was especially the result of the sons “Angiolo and Armeno Marianiβ€œ.

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Due to the intuition of Angiolo Mariani and the assistance of his sons (Luigi, Franco and Enrico), today M.I.T.A.L. does not create only artistically pieces. But creates also handcraft pieces, using traditional materials. Nowadays we produce an enormous spectrum of different products: Vases, clay jars, orchards, flowerpots. Especially our specialization for figures and statues of all sizes is highly appreciated by our customers. And our customers are from all over the world.

So welcome to MITAL Terrecotte – Artistic Terracotta Manufacture.