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Mikskaar Quality Substrates


Mikskaar – High Quality Substrates, Potting Soils and Peat Moss.

Mikskaar Quality Substrates EUgardens

Mikskaar AS is an Estonian family company and one of the largest peat producers in our country. The main goal of our existence is to be able to serve any grower anywhere in the world. In fact we export our products to more than 50 companies globally. And we serve them with the best substrate to make the plants grow.

Mikskaar has provided growers with peat products for approximately 20 years already. Our peat fields are well chosen and we care for them.They are far from any pollutants and weed free. In fact all peat fields are of substantial size and depth. All of them are in Estonia.

The factories are in Estonia, all well equipped for production of high quality substrates. We constantly tune, improve and renew all the installations. Diversity and flexibility are beneficial, we always aim to meet the needs and wishes of our customers and implement modifications if necessary.

Mikskaar is a member of the German quality control GΓΌtegemeinschaft Substrate since 2001, the RAL quality sign assures the user that the product is reliable and that it has been analysed according to the agreed and accepted norms.

Mikskaar makes substrates for all plants and for all growth phases of the plant. We will provide germination substrate. From there we provide the grower with ready for use substrates from the seedling to a fully grown plant.

So welcome to Mikskaar Quality Substrates