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Mati Nurseries

Mati Nurseries

Azienda Agricola Piante Mati. The plants and trees that come from Mati nurseries in Pistoia have been growing in parks, gardens and green areas of the most important cities in Europe and worldwide since 1909.

Most noteworthy, every day, the nurseries of Azienda Agricola Piante Mati export ornamental plants. Also we export plants of large dimensions, skilfully cultivated according to a perfect combination of centuries-old tradition and new technologies.

Our nurseries are in different areas of the Pistoia plain. They produce some of the most beautiful plants “made in Pistoia”. Our production is oriented on deciduous and evergreen trees of different heights. As well as shrubs for barriers and hedges, landscape and collection roses. We produce also Mediterranean plants, ornamental shrubs and many others. Mati Nurseries cultivate In each nursery particular plant varieties. Such as the Platanus Platanor “Vallis Clausa”® (of which we are exclusive distributors), specifically selected because resistant to diseases and parasites.

For us, the quality of the plants is the most important factor. For this reason we dedicate particular attention to the cultivation techniques. Such as fertilisation with low nitrogen content with high content of phosphorous and potassium. This is to efficiently stimulate the tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress and to prevent physiological damages. Thus exalting the ornamental effect. In addition, for the trees, transplanting is carried out every 3 or 4 years. In this way we preserve the central leader branch maintaining high vegetational and morphological quality standsards.

So, welcome to Mati Nurseries!